Single-Parenting Made Simple. Confidently. Easy. Enjoyable. Fun. Understandable. Exciting. Awesome.

"PARENTING LIKE A ROCKSTAR: The Cool Parent’s Guide To Raising Children Single-Handedly" was created from truly painful and rewarding life experiences. I want to share with you the benefits of my accomplishments as a father. What I have learned is that children have a deep desire to admire their parents. They learn from us, and if we show them our adult suffering and distress, they suffer as well, for we are their first role models. As such, parents must carefully observe our behavior to avoid tainting our children in any way. What we feed into their emotional being will be crucial to their development in adulthood, so nothing less than an abundance of unconditional love should be present. This will seed countless soulful benefits in the long run and in their lives overall.

I look forward to you reading this powerful book and the positive impact it may have on you and your family!